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Objective of the Site


India is one of the largest democracies in the world. We, the people of India, elect our representatives to the Government, who strive day in and day out to lessen our woes. They struggle for the development of their respective constituencies taking care of the needs and problems of each and every citizen, right from the kindergarten kid to the old aged, from the beggar on street to the richest man around in his billion dollar car. We elect these individuals as per our wish so that we can keep a track of all those activities that these guys undertake in order to help us live our lives in peace and with the best of amenities.


But, there is no doubt about the fact that we, the citizens, tend to loose track of their tasks in our day to day life. This may either have the effect that these people might not get the credit for their invaluable service or our indifference might lead to a tendency of laxity among them leading to serious problems like unjust enrichment of the mps/mlas at the cost of the citizens’ welfare.


With the insight of these unavoidable (disastrous) consequences of lack of citizens’ participation in the activities of mps / mlas, the creators of this site have provided a platform to mlas / mps to be in constant touch with their people to serve a twin purpose of making them aware of the tireless efforts taken by them for responsible fulfillment of their duties and also to get feedback from the citizens.

Our Core Team: 

Rajasthan Mp Mla.com has an experienced and dynamic team of professionals in their fields, who have come together to achieve one common goal – Giving our representatives their due credit and help them achieve their objective of serving their people through appropriate and timely feedback from the general public.

Shri Gokul Chand Sharma

Our Chief Editor, Shri Gokul Chand Sharma, has been in the field of Journalism for nearly half a century, beginning from early 1950s to the end of 1990s. He has been associated with and has contributed his services to various leading newspapers right from the Times of India to Rajasthan Patrika. While working in Mumbai, he had a strong desire to serve his own state. This strong desire pushed him back to his own soil, Rajasthan, in 1960s where he started publishing and editing his own Hindi fortnightly, ‘NAGRIK PRAHERI’, which was banned with the imposition of emergency in the country. He then contributed his services as a journalist to other esteemed papers in Rajasthan including Dainik Nyay, Dainik Navjyoti, Rashtra Doot, Dainik Udyog Aas Paas and others like Punjab Kesari (Delhi), Rashtriya Sahara (Delhi) and Nutan Savera (a weekly from Mumbai).

All these years, he had a great urge to dedicate his life to the cause of Humanity. Thus, he is currently serving as the Chairman of The Indian Red Cross Society (IRCS), Jhunjhunu district and is also a member of Executive Committee of Rajasthan State unit of the  IRCS.  He is also associated with many social organizations .

Shyam Prakash Sharma

      Born in Khetri (Rajasthan) and completed his higher education in Kanpur (Uttar Pradesh), our Founder and Managing Editor, Shri Shyam Prakash Sharma, is a well renowned Journalist in the field of journalism and is known for his unique style of writing, presenting the facts of every subject that he takes up for writing based on his extensive research. After completing his post graduation in Commerce in the year 1971, he came to Mumbai with an objective of establishing himself as a social reformer. During his early career, he served many industries such as textiles, iron & steel, oxygen plants, teaching (private schools/ tutions), construction & even the entertainment industry. He was not satisfied with any of these jobs since he was not able to fulfill his only purpose of life i.e. Reformation. He, therefore, willingly left all these lucrative jobs and took up journalism. Through Journalism, he, then, not only became a part and parcel of the positive reforms but also has been an initiator of various remarkable reforms himself in various walks of life. Be it Financial Journalism or Entertainment Journalism or the field of health or politics, he has always believed in uprooting all kinds of iniquities that he came across and brought about many changes. At present, he is also the Chief Editor of the financial website www.ShareBazarTimes.com .


      Suresh Mudgal

      Born at Dahina (Mahendragarh District, Haryana) and completed his post graduation from Sri Ganganagar  (Rajasthan University) in 1975, our Creative Director, Shri Suresh Mudgal, came to Mumbai in 1978. Inspired by the dedicated works of Raj Kapoor, he joined the Film industry way back in 1978 and from then, there has been no looking back. From 1978 till date, he has been working with various renowned directors & production houses.

        He also has many film titles in his portfolio like Mera Lahoo, Tulshi, Bedard, Reshma (in Hindi); Bavalio Pandit, Mahari Pyari Chanana, Radho ki Lichmi, Beenanee Vote Den Chalee, Varee Jaon Balaji (in Rajasthani); Batwara, Lajo, Nimoo, Yari Jat Di, Jigara Jat Da (in Punjabi). He also has the experience of directing a varied range of popular TV Shows. Sagar Picture’s Jai Shri Krishna, Dekh Bhai Dekh, Maharana Pratap, Jasoos, Agani and Aladdin are to name a few.


Mr. Jeetendra Jawda

Mr. Jeetendra Jawda is Music Composer & Arranger of third generation.  His grandfather Late Shri Bhanwarlal Jawda belonged to Jodhpur - Rajasthan, was Legendary Violinist.  He started his Musical career in Mumbai and was associated with famed Gazal samrat Shri Jagjitsingh ji for his life time.  His father Late Shri Hansraj B. Jawda was also renowned Music-composer / Director and was associated with Prominent Music Director Rajesh Roshan. Mr. Jeetendra Jawda, the member of third generation of Jawda family got his first lesson of musical notes from his father during his childhood. The whole family has tremendous love, emotional affection and respect for Rajasthan that inspired Jeetendra to join his hands with rajasthanmpmla.com so that he could spread the fragrance of Rajasghan’s soil through melodious music to the world.

 Mr. Jeetendra Jawda Worked with leading composers of bollywood and contributed his art as a main / ghost composer for so many programs such as Balika Vadhu, Shut-up Listen, Do Saheliyaan, Laado, Haar jeet, Diya bati, Kairi, Punar Vivah, Na Bole Tum Na Bole Hum, Ruk Jana Nahi etc.  Did lots of Fusion concerts in Mumbai with orchestra, played violin solo for Adnan Sami, for his overseas concerts and associated Shri Jagjit Singh in his show at London Royal Albert Hall in 2007. 


Amit Bhardwaj

    Born in Khetri (Rajasthan) and completed his graduation from Rajasthan University, our Special Correspondent, Shri Amit Bhardwaj has been writing for various newspapers and periodicals since his college days including  Dainik Udyog Aas Paas, Jansansar and leading Punjab Kesari from Jhunjhunu. He has good network and knowledge in political reporting and uses it as a platform of common man to raise their voice against all odds and evils.