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BJP seeking to change the narrative: Anand Sharma
26  Nov.  2017

Anand Sharma, MP, former Union Minister and Deputy Leader in Rajya Sabha answered the media perssons on November 25:  Shri Sharma said all the parameters are down, whether it comes to the GDP growth, they have shaved off minimum 2.5% by now of the country’s GDP. Job losses are at the highest. Credit- off-take is the lowest of the last 65 years. New Industrial Capacity, Gross Capital Formation and Gross Fixed Capital Formation are in the negative. Manufacturing is weak. Trade Deficit is growing. National Investment Trade has fallen.  Shri Sharma  said that the BJP and the Prime Minister are seeking to change the narrative. They are running away from questions which the people have in mind and the voters of Gujarat have in mind. Those are the questions pertaining to the promises which Shri Narendra Modi had made and the BJP had made to the people in their last manifesto, about creating 2 crore jobs in a year, they have to answer where are those jobs. Even in the state of Gujarat, there is rising unemployment. There are issues concerning the economy and serious concerns which I just referred to. There are also  matters which have come in public domain about the functioning of this Government and its acts of omission and commission. They want to change the narrative instead of  discussing development, they have brought to the fore, the original agenda which is divisive, which will create turmoil and instability. To win the elections, the BJP is very  clear and the ‘Sangh Parivar’, can resort to means, methods and campaigns which would cause long term damage to the society and to the country. We have just cautioned the people, that they must hold them to account, because of their non-fulfilment of promises  and betrayal of the people. This Government be charged and the Prime Minister - they have betrayed the people, they have wrecked the economy and now they are trying to change the narrative and it is in the same context when we had spoken to you few days ago asking for the Parliament Session to be convened.  The Ministers have again resorted to untruths and falsehood by saying this has happened earlier, we had given you the details, that this had ‘NOT’ happened earlier. Even about 2012, when the elections were held, Parliament was convened on 22nd of November and continued until the 23rd of December. These are facts on records which cannot be challenged or denied. They have succeeded in what they intended to. We charge the Prime Minister and the Government, for running away from Parliamentary scrutiny, before the elections in Gujarat.

To a question that now since the winter session of parliament has been declared and far from being on the defensive, the government says that the Congress Party is bereft of any
real issues, Shri Sharma said are these real issues or not? If the jobs have been destroyed in crores, is that not an issue concerning people of India? If the economy has been totally  derailed, is that not a real issue? For Prime Minister and the Government, it may not be a serious issue, but for us it is a serious issue. If we have concerns about the manner in which the global contract, that contract which came after 7 years of negotiations and search on the purchase of multi-role fighter Aircraft Rafale, where the defence PSU HAL had a clear role to manufacture in India through transfer of Technology and assimilation of technology, 108 aircraft, why HAL was cut out? How come the price of one platform i.e. one Rafale Jet Fighter has gone up by 263%? Why was the policy changed? Why the Prime Minister arbitrarily, on his visit to France, said that we will buy 36 platforms? On who’s  authorization, a contact that was signed in December 2012 was cancelled? If there was no  mala fide intent, why HAL is out and a private company with zero experience has been preferred? These are the issues. You don’t change policies, you don’t cancel contracts  which have been negotiated after years and that too following two things – there is a  Defence Acquisition Process – first is the request for proposal, second is the global tender. Then only the PNT (Price Negotiation Team) is formed. As we had said, three were short listed - that is Rafale, the SAAB of Sweden and the Euro Fighter. Out of three, this was chosen by the Air Force, after many years of tests of all these three fighter planes. So, why this has happened? If this is a non-issue, then we would like to ask the Government, what is the real issue? When there is a direct evidence available in public domain about serious conflict of interest of this Government and its Cabinet Ministers, are these issues to be discussed in Parliament or not? Since this question has been put to me, I would also like to tell one of the Cabinet Ministers who made a wrong statement which is factually incorrect, they are questioning in fact the wisdom of all of you - the Journalists and the people of India, and insulting, not only questioning but insulting also that you have suddenly lost your memory by saying that the Congress ran away from debate on demonetization. On 16th of November, let me correct Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad, and I am  concerned if he has lost his memory. The moment the Government said that debate now, I got up and started the debate. You all are witness to that and the country is witness to that. How can the Minister tell something which is factually incorrect and false? This is the  character of this Government.

On the question of a tweet by Congress Vice President Shri Rahul Gandhi on the release of Hafiz Syed, mocking the PM that his hugs diplomacy has not worked, the BJP now says that Shri Rahul Gandhi is siding with terrorists and not standing with the government in condemning Pakistan, Shri Sharma said, Yes, we condemn Pakistan. The fact is, that did we advise Shri Narendra Modi to land in Lahore carrying the tricolour of India and not to be saluted even by the Station Commander or the Service Chiefs of Pakistan.? He did not travel there as a tourist or a guest at a wedding of Shri Nawaz Sharif when he went to Raiwind. They have to answer this question also.
BJP does not stand on firm ground when it comes to National interest or fight against  terrorism. They talk, but they do not act. How come that there are regular attacks on our
defence Cantonments after the so-called surgical strike? As we have mentioned, there was  a  PM at one time in Smt. Indira Gandhi when the real surgical strike took place, when she  sent the Indian Army to help the people of Bangladesh, then East Pakistan, and after the  2nd World War, the biggest victory, military victory of any professional Army was of the Indian Army and the Pakistan Army surrendered and almost hundred thousand prisoners of war were taken. But Smt. Indira Gandhi did not blow her trumpet nor did she ask the Parliament of India to say it is Smt Indira Gandhi who has done it. But today we have a Prime Minister who says he has done everything, but the experiences are in the reverse. If  he went there, they say that any small thing they say it is a diplomatic coup, a diplomat victory, so how come they have not been able to prevail upon the Government of Pakistan?  What did he do, we have been asking this question, he is silent? Tomorrow he will go for  ‘Mann Ki Baat’, he has not told the people of the country what did he discuss and what  assurance was given to the Indian NSA by Pakistan NSA General Janjua, when they had met in Bangkok, which led to this sensational surprise landing in Lahore on the 25th of December 2015. And what did he bring back? These are the questions which we have. Shri Rahul Gandhi is right in asking this question.

To a question on the controversy on the release of film ’Padmavati’, Shri Sharma said the Courts have commented and Film Censor Board is there, should it be the job of the Ministers, Chief Ministers and Governments to make statements, why suddenly a flurry?  Let the Censor Board and the Courts decide what is right and what is wrong.

To another question as to what are those economic parameters on which the Government is failing, Shri Sharma said the fact is there is rising unemployment in Gujarat, there is rising unemployment throughout the country. Instead of launching this counter campaign, they should launch campaign of apology for betraying the people and telling
lies. There is a huge difference between a technical inaccuracy and telling lies to the people.  That is what they have mastered. At least nobody can say that we lie.