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Special attention needs to be paid to higher education and skill development: President

13 Oct.  2017

President Ram Nath Kovind today stressed the need to trust citizens more and cited the example of self-attestation of documents required in government works like issuance of passports. Addressing a two-day conference of Governors and Lieutenant Governors of states and union territories, Mr Kovind urged the replication of these ideas at the level of states, since much of a citizen's interaction with government agencies is at the level of states.
He said, it is essential to link youth with the process of nation building.
The President said, the future of the country depends on the capacities, moral values and compassion of the younger generation.
The President said, special attention needs to be paid to higher education and skill development at the level of States. Mr Kovind said, being an intrinsic part of the legislative system in their States, Governors can provide a new dimension to the development of their States by communicating with legislators, and inviting them to Raj Bhavan to deliberate on subjects related to public well-being.
He said, Governors can also help raise the quality of discussion and debate and provide an impetus to society and the State government by establishing communication with University Chancellors and Vice-Chancellors, academicians and social workers in the States.
Mr Kovind said technology can propel the country to reach even difficult and long-term goals, and help ensure access to quality public services for all citizens.